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The capital city of Nepal has intrigued visitors for many years and CheapFaresNow (www.CheapFaresNow.com) can find cheap flights to Kathmandu, Nepal in Asia where an ancient culture and history awaits. One of the most convenient ways to get around the city is by bicycle-powered rickshaw. Durbar Square is the focal point, an ancient landmark with several temples and palaces. It’s also the location of the Kasthamandap (wooden house) from which the city takes its name. The museum in the square has an impressive collection of displays. The three-roofed Taleju Temple is one of the oldest temples in the square. Shopping in Kathmandu, Nepal, Asia is great fun and you can browse for local souvenirs. The area is known for its rugs, clothing and silverware. Many tourists like to time their vacation to coincide with one of the festivals held here. The city is a good base for trekkers and is surrounded by stunning scenery.

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