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Gorgan is a relatively new province in Iran. It resulted from dividing Mazandaran, a major province, into smaller governed units. Gorgan is on the border of Turkmenistan south of the Caspian Sea. Gorgan has unique weather, largely influenced by its varying landscape and altitude. At one point in the Alborz mountainous region, you can feel a windy, cool displacement while the more fertile Gorgan plains offer a breezy, less dense atmosphere. Gorgan is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Iran. This is largely due to some of its archaeological dig sites. Some of the most significant archeological milestones in west Asia have been discovered here.

One can easily fall in love with some of the sites in Gorgan. If you want a wonderful and enriching experience then visit the Gorgan Museum of Natural History located in Golestan National Park. This single-story building was opened to the public in 1984, and a rich collection of taxonomy is exhibited as part of its permanent collection. Fulfilling the adventurer in you is easy with a trip to the Gorgan Museum where the largest collection of archaeology's greatest finds from this region of Asia can be viewed. No trip to Gorgan will be complete without a visit to the Golestan National Park, which is home to some of the most renowned zoology of Iran; the Persian leopard, gazelle and wild boar are but a taste of what you can find in this nature reserve.

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