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Bamako, Africa, stretching across both sides of the Niger River, is the capital city of Mali, and home to well over 475,000 people, attracting worldwide tourists for a variety of reasons. Established in 1880, Bamako has a definite French flavor. This city may be poor, but it is a most lovable one that trades in music. This city is most famous for its music that has been exported across the entire globe. From the wandering bards of West Africa to the Mississippi blues of the early plantations, African music was transported to the New World in the heads and hearts of slaves. As well as a colorful musical history, Bamako boasts beautiful Botanical Gardens with hourly tours, numerous zoos and several extraordinary markets. There’s also the desert of West Africa to explore by camel with a desert camp-out under the stars, or enjoy the Niger delta during a cruise along the Niger River all the way to the edge of the great Sahara Desert and the legendary city of Timbuktu.

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