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Abadan is the oil refining capital of Iran . This beautiful and historic city is located near the Persian Gulf and has been the center of petroleum commerce for the country. Abadan can be found situated between the three famous rivers of Iran and has a robust traditional and cultural offering that has spanned many generations of Iran’s ever evolving heritage. Among some notable tourist destinations, Abadan is more known for its petroleum refineries, and is the biggest hub of oil trade in the Middle East. This doesn’t mean that Abadan is devoid of cultural richness. It is home to several academic institutes with the most famous one being the world renowned Abadan Institute of Technology.

Abadan has some hidden treasures to offer the exotic traveler. You can experience a fine day of golf with ground breaking architectural structures that made this relaxing sport possible in such a diverse landscape. Stay in one of its premiere hotels such as the Karvansara Hotel Abadan and sample the world famous Abadan tea, which will definitely fire up your spirits with one brew. Visit the Shadegan Wetlands for a day of nature tripping and bird watching, a rare and exotic destination in the heart of the Middle East. Abadan is famous for its Khuzestan handicraft. Of course no trip to Abadan will be complete without your souvenirs and keepsakes, so head to the northern part of Abadan and visit the traditional bazaars where the best of Iranian handicrafts can be purchased.

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